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Branding plastic bag as one big consolidation bag as an alternate solution 

Branding, Illustration, Concept development

Client : ACRA 

Project realised at Quicksand

After a year long immersive research in major cities of Cambodia, the research team from Quicksand developed a extensive list of insights around plastic bag usage. One of the key insights was that the local markets were using the most number of small and coloured plastic bag which is the major contributors to pollution.  The team found that changing behaviour around vegetable/fruit vendors around plastic bag usage can be one of the alternate solutions to reducing plastic bag consumption.  Using bag as main message carrier to urge consumers to use one big consolidation bag and making market vendors as key drivers of change. 

Visualizing Campaign to Reduce Plastic Bags


Design Process

at a glimpse

Agile process which included team brainstorming, concept development, prototyping, user feedbacks, figuring out printing method and implementation strategy. 

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